Losing Time

Knights in Time, Book 5

Felicia Wycliff’s peaceful stroll through the woods near her lifelong home turned to disaster when her little dachshund bolted after a rabbit. One moment she was running after the determined Chloe, the next she was hurled to the ground. Gathering her wits after her tumble, she rose and continued her pursuit-right into three mounted knights blocking her path.

They were so authentic looking. They might’ve stepped from the keep of the nearby castle, Elysian Fields. But the old Norman fortress was a ruin and had been for hundreds of years.

“Seize her,” the middle knight ordered.

“Let me go.” She fought, striking out when they grabbed her. “Who are you?”

“I’m Sir Harold Quarles, Captain of the Baron’s Guard, and you are trespassing.”

Her fear level skyrocketed when they kidnapped her. But exploded when they rode through the gates of Elysian Fields, looking as formidable as when it was built.

When she fell she knew exactly where she was. But where had she landed?